Rural Agenda post 2020

A European rural Agenda after 2020

  • To meet the orientations of the Cork 2.0 Declaration,
  • To overcome sectoral implementations through more efficient cross-functional approach,
  • To reinforce the dynamics of local development mobilizing citizens,

R.E.D. proposes a innovating approach and new tools able to modernize the European policy for rural territories after 2020.

The European Rural Agenda will provide the policy framework and operational guidelines for a future specific policy for the development of rural territories, responding to their diversity and the multisectoral dimension of their economic realities. The adoption of this Rural Agenda, in an expected complementarity with the Urban Agenda, will be a secure vehicle for the necessary mobilization of all the territories to meet the objectives of the E.U.

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After Cork 2.0

Adopted at the end of the conference organised by the Commissioner Hogan in September 2016, the Cork Declaration must be made concrete by a strong commitment of the European Commission in favour of theses orientations.

The international association Rurality-Environment-Development launches a call for a European Rural Agenda to be rapidly adopted by the high level European authorities, in view to give an innovative impetus in favour of the rural territories in the EU next programming period post 2020 and develop the orientations of the Cork Declaration.

R.E.D. askes for a genuine European policy for rural territories in its proposal «Make Europe grow with its rural territories »,to release all sectors and rural potentials towards the objectives and the success of the EU project. This Agenda should give the framework of that new policy.

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EU Rural 2030
The new strategic proposal of R.E.D. "Making Europe grow with its rural territories " concerning the development of rural territories by 2030 in order to provide a framework that could inspire the next European programme and the Rural Agenda that we call for.

Rural territories are part of the solution, because they have the energy and the spirit for promoting this development. It's not about creating an opposition between rural territories and urban poles, but rather it's about associating and mobilising them, promoting smart, non-condescending cooperation between them. 

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RED - Com 2014/1
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La Stratégie Europe 2020 encadre et oriente lles fonds structurels et d'investissement. Elle est un enjeu fondamental pour les territoires européens, ruraux comme urbains. A mi-chemin de sa mise en oeuvre, la Stratégie Europe 2020 fait l'objet d'une évaluation. Une consultation publique a été lancée par la Commission européenne pour élargir ce débat.

L'assocation internationale Ruralité-Environnement-Développement a souhaité apporter sa contribution à cette démarche européenne, notamment en soulignant l'impact négatif de la Stratégie en matière de cohésion territoriale et son déficit dans la prise en compte de la dimension culturelle. 

 A télécharger :  "Notre avis sur la Stratégie Europe 2020 à moyen terme".

RED - Com 2013/1

The project of multiannual financial framework 2014-2020 is a bad answer to the crisis. It opposes the rural actors in place of gathering them in the pursuit of the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy : "A bad answer to the crisis".

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