Becoming member

Becoming associate member of the European network R.E.D., it’s

  • to improve your information in European issues ;
  • to enlarge your networkink in Europe ;
  • to defend the place of the rural territories in European building ;
  • to protect European environment ;
  • to make your opinions known at a European level ;
  • to receive Eurobrèves, the R.E.D.’s newsletter ;
  • to find more easily partners for your European projects.

Associate member

Any individual person or legal entity which wants to become associate member of R.E.D. has to send the filled membership form (downloadable hereunder) to R.E.D.’s offices. He will receive information on the association and on the way of paying membership fees. After payment, he will be full “associate member” of R.E.D.

 Membership annual fees  Individual or associative body : 25 €
   Profit-making entity : 75 €


Effective member

On explicit demand and after approval of the Board of Directors, the status of “effective member” may be given to associate members or organizations, then having right to vote and to be elected to the Board of Directors.

 Membership annual fees  Individual  25 €
   Associative body : 75 €


Membership form
Memberschip form (to be dowloaded) 

Associate member – Individual body or non profit-making entity (pdf)

Associate member – Profit-making entity (pdf)