The E.C.M.

The European Countryside Movement (Mouvement Européen de la Ruralité - M.E.R.) is a platform open to international NGOs.

The E.C.M. is a platform gathered around specific initiatives and/or position papers. Without legal or politic personality, it values the specific NGOs partners while respecting their identity and diversity.

Rurality-Environment-Development monitors the adequacy between the orientations of the E.C.M. and the actions that bear its label.

The main objectives of the Movement are :

  • to promote an integrated rural development policy mobilising and involving the interests of all sectors; 
  • to pursue productive dialogue with the international institutions, particularly those of the European Union, in order to protect the interests of all rural socio-economic sectors, especially in the implementation of Community policies;
  • to maintain the social and economic diversity of the countryside in a positive relationship with respect to urban areas;
  • to contribute to improvement of the overall quality of life of rural populations, and to preserve their autonomy of action;
  • to improve relations between rural and urban areas by ensuring that both groups are involved on an equal footing in the formulation and conduct of national and regional planning;
  • to show the added value of rural areas in meeting the objectives of Strategy 2020.

The European Countryside Movement organizes workshops on European rural development issues and adopts position papers in the framework of the E.U. policy.