Launching of the RUMRA Intergroup

Parliamentary intergroup RUMRA - 12 March 2015 - Strasburg
Launching of the new intergroup "Rural, mountainous and remote areas" - RUMRA

The launching of the new rural intergroup was held on the 12th of March at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, under the presidency of Mercedes Bresso, MEP and former president of the Committee of the Regions.

The formal decision of the European Parliament to create the rural intergroup in December 2014 followed an intense awareness campaign carried by RED, Euromontana and FREE initiative, in line with the impetus given by the Memorandum of the European Countryside Movement.

The actions programmes of the differents sub-groups of the RUMRA intergroup have been adopted. Among the thematics which will be developed : integrated rural development, rural-urban interrelations, energy, quality of the products, quality of life in rural areas,...


from l. to r.. : 
F. Bogovic, vice-president of the intergroup,
E. Andrieu, vice-president of the intergroup,
M. Bresso, president of the intergroup, 
G. Peltre, president of R.E.D. and of the European Countryside Movement,
I. Piria, director of Euromontana,
A. Ford, director of the FREE initiative







After the meeting, some NGOs of the European Countryside Movement, whose participation reminded that their Memorandum adopted in May 2014 had called for such an intergroup, have debated on the prospects of the Intergroup with its president.


Contact et information :

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